Thematic tables

  1. Thematic Table on “Blue Growth”
    Coordinators: Italy (Marche Polytechnic University) and Montenegro (University of Montenegro)

  2. Thematic Table on “Connecting the Region”
    Coordinators: Greece (University of Patras) and Albania (Agricultural University of Tirana)

  3. Thematic Table on “Environmental Quality”
    Coordinators: Greece (University of Ioannina) and Serbia (University of Novi Sad)

  4. Thematic Table on “Sustainable Tourism”
    Coordinators: Croatia (University of Zadar) and Bosnia-Herzegovina (University of Mostar)

  5. Thematic Table on “Societal Challenges”
    Coordinators: Italy (University of Bolonga) and Serbia (University of Novi Sad)

6.   Thematic Table on “Economic and Policy Analysis”
      Coordinators: Italy (University of Trieste) and Albania (University of Elbasan)