Migration and mobility in the Balkans

Monday 9 September to Friday 13 September 2019
Ancona, Italy

Organisers: UniAdrion, Marche Polytechnic University

Giulia Bettin, Marche Polytechnic University
Stefano Bianchini, “Alma Mater Studiorum” University of Bologna
Eralba Cela, University of Milan and INRCA
Russell King, Sussex University
Arjan Gjonca, London School of economics
Nermin Oruc: Centre for Development Evaluation and Social Science Research, Sarajevo
Valeria Marengoni, UNHCR
 Ilir Qose, Aicare srl

Scientific Commitee: Giulia Bettin, Eralba Cela, Arjan Gjonça, Russell King

The school intends to provide an intensive training course for Master and PhD students, young researchers and officers who are interested in the current economic and socio-demographic situation of the Balkans.
The main focus of the lectures will be on migration and mobility dynamics. Lecturers will discuss the past and current trends in such phenomena, their socio-economic determinants and effects with a specific reference to the Balkan region. An interdisciplinary approach will be adopted by covering a wide range of disciplines: economics, sociology, geography, demography, political science and international relations.
The school is organized as part of the UniAdrion activities and will encourage an integrated dialogue among young scholars coming from Universities of the Adriatic – Ionian region. The exchange will benefit also from the presence of a distinguished Faculty made up of experts in migration research and/or in the economic and social analysis of the Balkan region.
During the summer school, students will also have the chance to present their own research and discuss it with their peers and the Faculty members.
The full programme of the school and all information regarding the teaching material will be provided on the following web sites: 
www.uniadrion.net or www.univpm.it

The school is targeted to 20 students in economics, sociology and political sciences as well as to young officers working for institutions operating in the Balkans and dealing with migration-related issues.
Priority will be given to students coming from universities belonging to the UniAdrion association and to students/young officers coming from the countries covered by EUSAIR (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia).
The participants will be selected on the basis of their CVs, their current research and their research/professional interests.
Geographical balance will also be taken into account in the selection process.

Applications and deadlines
The application form can be downloaded from UniAdrion website (
www.uniadrion.net) and must be submitted by email to info@uniadrion.net together with the copy of passport/ID document, a detailed CV and a letter of interest. Those who are willing to present their current research or PhD thesis must send also a short abstract (up to 500 words) along with the other documents.
The deadline for submission is July 10, 2019. Applicants are invited to keep strictly to the deadline.

All the lectures will be delivered in English.

Fees and Scholarships
Registration fees, including meals at the university canteen and accommodation at the students’ house, will be covered by the organizers.
Travelling expenses will not be covered, each student will be responsible for the organization and payment of the travel to and from Ancona.

Students are expected to attend the school full time.
At the end of the school the participants will receive a declaration of attendance issued by UniAdrion and by Marche Polytechnic University, specifying the duration of the school and the related learning outcomes.

The school will take place at the Faculty of Economics in Ancona.
Local information will be provided to participants in due course.

Cultural activities
During the week cultural activities will be organized for the participants, including visits to Ancona historical center and sorroundings.